Black Rock

Black Rock FEATURING NEW BUILD Located in an exclusive golf community, this highly desired location is the perfect setting for this contemporary home. This neighborhood contains mostly traditional architecture, but this home was desired to be contemporary. It contains clean lines and natural stones, and feels light and bright while maintaining interesting

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Desert Mountain Contemporary

Desert Mountain Contemporary FEATURING REMODEL Located in the heart of Desert Mountain, this highly desired location needed some extensive updating. The majority of this home was gutted, removing the undesired southwestern finishes and architecture and transformed into a clean-lined contemporary sanctuary. The kitchen and living room were rearranged to create an

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Uptown Phoenix

Uptown Phoenix FEATURING REMODEL The directive for this home was to create a modern resort style aesthetic that integrated warmth & elegance with unique distinction. Integrating raw & refined materials, custom designed furnishings & tile mosaics and incorporating original contemporary art created by the designer, accomplished this criteria. Outdoor landscaping was

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Santa Barbara Contemporary

Santa Barbara Contemporary FEATURING REMODEL This custom home is surrounded by a desert retreat with breathtaking city views . It initially started out in the Tuscan style, but Melissa Paddock was brought in to help the design of this home change direction. Melissa Paddock consulted on the architecture of this home as well

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Boulders Oasis

Boulders Oasis FEATURING REMODEL This beautiful home is located in the Boulders, surrounded by a beautiful desert oasis. Transforming an outdated design in the southwestern style, into a soft contemporary home exuding warmth and custom decorative finishes and designs. The majority of this home was gutted, and the floor plan was rearranged into

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Foothills Contemporary

Foothills Contemporary Retreat FEATURING REMODEL The directive for this Foothills home was to create the feel of being at a resort spa. Every detail was accounted for in this residence, from the perfect grout line proportions to the custom cut 5' stone planks to avoid seams on the wall, these spaces

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Arcadia FEATURING REMODEL This charming contemporary abode in Arcadia was a complete remodel. Initially it started out with a dated floor plan and finishes leaving much to be desired. It was transformed into a streamlined, contemporary space full of character. The majority of the original home was gutted and the interior space was


Deer Valley Contemporary Mountain Retreat

Deer Valley Contemporary FEATURING REMODEL In the infamous Mountains of Deer Valley Utah, this winter retreat reflects the beauty of it's surroundings. Initially empty and bare, this home was transformed into a contemporary entertainers paradise. This home contains 3 master suites as well as ample living areas for large gatherings. This home was

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Serene Cheteau

Serene Chateau FEATURING REMODEL Transforming from dark and outdated to a lighter,warm and welcoming environment. Designing a beautiful formal area for entertaining guests as well as a casual family area that could comfortably seat ten people at the same time. Melissa Paddock custom designed the furniture in this home.

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Old Hollywood Glam

Old Hollywood Glam FEATURING REMODEL Infused with the glamour of vintage Hollywood, this home was designed around the lifestyle and preferences of the client. It was transformed into an entertainers paradise and designed to host many glamorous and styled events. CLICK AN IMAGE BELOW TO VIEW IN

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